Oasis Cannabis

Not Just a State of Mind

A Dispensary and a Destination Rolled into One

Oasis Cannabis isn’t just a dispensary; we are a destination right in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas for anyone on their cannabis journey. Retreat to our 5,000 square foot community-focused retail center designed to serve local and tourist consumers. We also house a community room that hosts wellness and educational events, and we donate a portion of our sales to various organizations throughout the year.

Our budtenders are there to help the novices and pros alike heighten their appreciation and experience of all things related to cannabis. Not to brag or anything, but in February 2019, we were named "Best Dispensary for Pot Pros" by Desert Companion Magazine. We are committed to crafting an experience that is just right for each customer, whether it’s a delivery, pickup, or in-store purchase.

Our Success

The Proof is in the Numbers




Dispensary of choice for locals


Orders per day at $55 per order

Growing with the Market

Deepening the Appreciation of Cannabis in the High-End Market

We offer a personalized retail experience for the discerning cannabis consumer, and that is why our customers keep coming back. With over 30 strains of flower and a large selection of high-end cannabis accessories, we are strategically aligned with the high-end user who lives in or visits Las Vegas. However, we are not limiting our reach to just one location and are continually looking for new locations to expand to throughout Nevada.

What Makes Us Likeable?

Three Ways to Share the Goods


When someone shops inside Oasis with one of our budtenders, there is a connection, and the point-of-sale increases due to the relationship and personalized recommendations.

Curbside Pickup

We are centrally located in Las Vegas and have a great reach to those working and staying on the Las Vegas Strip. Our curbside pickup option is perfect for that customer who knows what they want and wants it now.

Home Delivery

Our delivery service is one of the best things about Oasis. With a minimum order based on location, orders average over $100 and we bring the bliss to you.

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Solid Deals

We invite you to see what all the fuss is about and explore Oasis for yourself.

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