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CLS is a vertically integrated cannabis producer and retailer offering a wide variety of cannabis products through two subsidiaries: Oasis Cannabis and City Trees. We hold a U.S. Patent for our proprietary extraction and conversion methodology, which delivers products with a higher level of quality and consistency.

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Oasis Cannabis is a premier dispensary operating in Downtown Las Vegas. Serving both locals and tourists in the Las Vegas area, Oasis is committed to crafting an experience that is just right for each customer and is recognized as one of the top cannabis retailers in the state.

Who is Oasis?

Cultivating Excellence in Cannabis Production and Distribution Across Nevada, New Mexico, and New York

City Trees is a dynamic cannabis enterprise specializing in cultivation, production, and distribution, providing a diverse range of premium cannabis offerings. As a flourishing brand, City Trees extends its presence across multiple states, including Nevada, New Mexico, and New York.

Who is City Trees?

Always fresh, always full, no trim here. Let's roll!

The year is 1950, and the Mob is hard at work building Las Vegas’ reputation as the Entertainment Capital of the World. In search of a convenient commute to the casino, those that worked in the service industry lived in an affordable neighborhood near the action - the iconic “Vegas Showgirl" not the least among them. Legend has it that these darling dancers used to sunbathe in the nude to prevent pesky tanlines, earning the neighborhood the nickname, “Naked City”. While the showgirls have moved on, the community is still here. With a focus on accessibility and sustainability, our brand honors our neighborhood’s past, present, future, and all those seeking a higher state of being.

Who is Naked City?

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