Everything Cannabis, Rolled into One Company

We Dabble in a Little Bit of This and a Lot of That

CLS Holdings, better known as Cannabis Life Sciences, is an integrated cannabis producer and retailer serving the discerning consumer through our brands, City Trees and Oasis Cannabis. Our patented proprietary method of extracting cannabinoids from the marijuana plant includes converting them into products with a higher level of quality and consistency.

We are a true seed to sale, vertically integrated company leading the cannabis industry. City Trees is where it all begins. Our warehouse includes 10,000 square feet of dedicated space for cultivation, allowing us to grow and preserve high-quality stock with valuable genetics that yields consistent results. Oasis Cannabis is where we share our love of cannabis with the public. Located in Downtown Las Vegas, Oasis is our 5,000 square foot retail location offering personalized delivery, pick-up, and in-store experiences.

Company Milestones

A Developing Legacy in the Cannabis Market

Completed the Purchase of Oasis Cannabis Dispensary in Las Vegas

Completed the Purchase of City Trees Production and Innovation Facility in North Las Vegas

Successfully Completed Multiple Capital Infusions

Rapid Growth of Oasis Brand

Completed the Build-out of $4M State of the Art Conversion and Extraction Facility Capable of Producing $20M in Revenue

Obtained Patents for Extraction IP in the US, EU, and Canada

USD $7.5M in Cash and Current Assets

Market Opportunity

Expansive Growth for the Future

We are poised to expand our business significantly as the need and desire for cannabis expand in the Nevada market and its large tourist base.

Nevada Market (U.S. $M)

Recreational Use Approved

Nevada approved on July 1, 2017

Significant Market Potential


Population in Nevada


Registered medical marijuana patients


Tourists in Las Vegas every year

Our Brands

A Hybrid Between Science and Creativity

Oasis is our retail brand in Downtown Las Vegas, servicing locals and tourists on their cannabis journey. City Trees is our way of integrating into the market through cultivation, production, and distribution.

Revenue by Brands

A Destination for Locals and Tourists in Las Vegas

Voted “Best Dispensary for Pot Pros,” Oasis Cannabis isn’t just your local dispensary. Servicing novices to pros, locals to tourists, and offering everything from accessories to buds, Oasis is the place to find your personalized cannabinoid experience.

Dive into Your Oasis

Bridging the Gap Between the City and the Trees

City Trees is all about high-quality craft cannabis. Through our cutting-edge cultivation, production, and distribution methods, we provide a high-quality THC distillate product infused with terpenes in either effect-based or strain-specific flavors as well as various ingestible CBD products.

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Harvesting the Best Marijuana Has to Offer

Our proprietary method of extracting cannabinoids generates a higher level of effect-based or strain-specific extracts that can be concentrated into oils, waxes, edibles, and shatter. We believe this proprietary process and the ability to manufacture these refined cannabinoids provide us with a strategic advantage in the cannabis industry.

Proprietary Methods of Extraction and Conversion

Ray Keller, a shareholder of CLS, and a founder of CLS Labs, developed our US patented proprietary process for extracting, cleaning, and converting cannabinoids from cannabis plants. This proprietary extraction and conversion methodology allows for cannabinoid concentrates to be ingested in several ways, including through vaporization and used for a variety of pharmaceutical and other purposes.

Competitive Advantages

Our proprietary process produces a cleaner, higher quality product, and a significantly higher yield than most cannabinoid extraction processes currently existing in the marketplace.

Partner with an Innovator in the Cannabis Market

Grow with Us and Plant Roots in Nevada and Beyond

Partnerships are vital for the awareness, growth, and sustainability of the cannabis market. Partnering with CLS supports our ongoing science-based focus to create a thriving business model supporting our stakeholders, employees, and customers.

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Taking CLS to the Next Level

Leadership that Brings a Full Spectrum of Experience to the Future

Our leadership team stems from innovators who focus on science, business, and community involvement to strengthen our company and our 75 plus employees. Together, we see the future of cannabis and believe we are at the forefront of this emerging market.