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As an investor with CLS Holdings, you should have the most up to date information about what’s happening at our subsidiaries. Transparency in how we do business is foundational for our team, and as we head full speed into the fourth quarter of 2020, we hope you’ll find the news enclosed just as exciting as we do. As a company that knows that people power profits, we are thrilled to show you how this people-first prioritization is delivering significant positive impacts to both. Thank you for joining us in this venture.









Our Nevada retail subsidiary, Oasis Cannabis, recently reported a new record - its highest month of sales in company history, with monthly net revenue over $1 million. In spite of regulatory hurdles and continued limitations caused by COVID-19, our dispensary team has proven agile and able to ensure the comfort and confidence of our customers. Our employees deserve the same level of comfort and confidence; we continue to offer free testing to all CLS subsidiary employees, and maintain strict sanitation procedures at all facilities.


Exciting changes have been on the horizon at City Trees, our wholesale manufacturing division, for some time, and we couldn’t be more proud to announce the relaunch of this incredible brand. With an entirely new look and feel, a refined selection of products, and carefully curated limited release offerings, City Trees is now broadcasting to a new wide, receptive audience in the emerging craft cannabis space.


Our growth at City Trees would not be possible without getting back to its roots - the technology required to produce the highest quality, safest cannabis extracts possible. Our proprietary patented ethanol extract process, currently undergoing rigorous testing, is producing higher output yields and promising test results. This technology successfully implemented at scale has significant implications for the cannabis industry nationwide.


















At the dispensary level, we are monitoring unique acquisition opportunities for CLS Holdings in secondary and tertiary markets. While primary markets have reached saturation and consolidation quickly following cannabis legalization, targeted growth to newly regulated states offers a competitive advantage as markets transition from prohibition to medical access, and medical to recreational legalization. We believe our experience in these transitional markets will prove invaluable in the coming months.


With improved visibility, expanded sustainability initiatives, and fresh design criteria, City Trees now has more collateral to expand its reach among discerning cannabis consumers and ethically driven shoppers. New recycled packaging printed with plant-derived inks and our expanded support of the Arbor Day Foundation with our Buy 1 Plant 1 initiative are only the first steps in our expanded commitment to sustainable growth. We are also in our final weeks of the Summer of Giving at Oasis, wherein we are donating 1% of net sales from the third quarter of 2020 to the Cannabis Equity and Inclusion Community of Nevada, an organization dedicated to assisting those most harmed by the War on Drugs. We will continue to look for similarly impactful opportunities to give back and reiterate our commitment to environmental and social justice in our communities.















With net revenue at Oasis still on the rise, we're turning our sights to how we can repeat this pattern of growth in new markets. Most recently, we are exploring storefront, cultivation, and edible manufacturing opportunities in a number of Southwestern states. Our goal is to become a regional cannabis company at this time. We believe this is a more prudent model than attempting to become a large, national, multi-state operator. In tandem with expansion, we are aiming to substantially grow annual revenue at Oasis. Additional tools to achieve this goal across the entirety of CLS Holdings include an expanded web presence; a new Oasis website was launched this summer, and new websites for City Trees and CLS will be live on September 1 and October 1 respectively.


As City Trees rolls out an entirely new set of brand assets this month, we expect substantial increases in brand awareness and vendor buy-in in Q4 and beyond. Back in the lab, our patented extraction technology will continue to undergo rigorous testing, with incredible future implications for white label extraction prospects and higher margin product creation.


None of this would be possible without the dedicated people powering our profits, who will continue to receive our utmost support and attention as we navigate still-uncertain times. We




will continue to do our best to exemplify good corporate citizenship for you, our employees, our communities, and our planet.


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