Packaging Waste in the Cannabis Industry: City Trees’ Commitment to Sustainability

June 6, 2019 Category: City Trees, Oasis

Around the country, members of the cannabis industry are stepping up to ensure the impact they have on the environment is sustainable and when possible, beneficial to the planet. City Trees, our Nevada-based cannabis cultivation, production, and distribution facility is one such company dedicated to a more sensible cannabis industry. City Trees proves this not only in mission, but by direct action. We craft recyclable products and maintain a collections program with the ultimate goal of helping all companies become more sustainable. We are on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry, spearheading sustainable practices and developing a higher standard for other companies to follow.

Through City Trees’ broad selection of cartridges, tinctures, and capsules, it is clear that we take the significant issue of sustainability seriously. City Trees utilizes CCELL ceramic atomizers in its vaporizers- rather than conventional approaches- which enhances the user’s experience and enables prolonged use. In addition, City Trees supplies a range of vegan capsules which further mitigates negative environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

Nevertheless, where there is production there is waste. When companies emerge into a new industry, they have the choice to continue with current practices or they can champion for change. City Trees decided to create change and work toward a more sustainable planet by implementing practices such as environmentally-friendly packaging for vape pens and using recyclable lithium-ion batteries. Many vaporizers utilize lithium-ion batteries for convenience but can harm the environment if not disposed of properly. City Trees recognized this, so we created a battery recycling program which ensures safe disposal and recycling through the installation of collection bins in partner dispensaries. Any brand can be recycled, not just our own. Proudly, all of the proceeds from the recycling program are donated to nonprofits.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful impacts that pollution and waste cause the environment. On an individual level, people can do their part by reducing overconsumption, eating plant-based diets, and participating in initiatives like the #trashtag challenge. By providing exceptionally cautious practices for disposing of harmful products and reducing the production of single-use items, City Trees is doing their part to better the environment.

As with other industries, cannabis companies need to strategize to reduce environmental impact. The difference between this industry and others is we have the opportunity to build from the ground up an industry focused on sustainability. City Trees is a role model, creating an atmosphere open to addressing and changing the harmful impacts pollution has within the industry. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 70 percent of packaging waste ends up being landfilled, with only 17 percent being combusted with energy recovery. City Trees has taken charge to elevate the cannabis industry and shape change across the board by diverting packaging waste from landfills and prioritizing recycling.

Across the industry, producers, retailers, and wholesalers alike work hard to set themselves apart from other industries. They sponsor litter clean-ups, participate in volunteering events, and as City Trees does, ensure even the most enjoyable products can be disposed of responsibly. City Trees proves that if people and companies work together, they can help achieve a cleaner, healthier planet and ensure a brighter, more sustainable future.

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